Strawberry Lane Farm Shawnee Farmer's Expo 2010

Lewis at the Shawnee Farmers Expo, 2010

Strawberry Lane Farm is a small family-owned farm near Trenton in the green hills of north central Missouri. Organic farming and gardening practices have been in place since 1993 and our first certification was in 1996.

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CSA tomato and edamame

Boxes of edamame (soybeans) & a happy tomato

This Farm has been totally chemical-free since 1993. There are areas on the farm that have never been treated with chemicals. The soil here is mostly rich, deep, black, Muddy Creek bottom land. Some areas of sandy loam provide friendly environments for the strawberries. Deep ditches dissect the farm and along their woodsy banks, black walnuts, morels, may apples, hazelnuts (which the squirrels always get), violets and other wonderful wild things grow.